Types of Disposable Paper Cups for Hot and Cold Drinks

 Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Photo by: Bigstockphoto

A paper cup is a disposable cup used to hold hot drinks in place of an actual ceramic or glass cup. The cup is typically made of paper lined with either plastic or wax. The wax or plastic lining helps prevent liquids from soaking into the paper, causing leaks. Some cups come with a plastic or foil lid to preserve the contents of the cup. Paper cups come in a variety of sizes, material, and design. Each one is designed for a specific purpose. If you are shopping for paper cups and you are wondering what types of paper cups are available on the market right now, check out our shopping guide below:

Types of Paper Cups

Air Pocket Insulated

This design eliminates the need for a coffee sleeve or a double cup to keep the hands from burning from holding a hot drink. The air pocket insulated paper cup keeps your favorite beverages warm. The cups are designed with an inner and outer sheet. A layer of air to boost insulation separates these sheets. This nifty design ensures that the cup remains comfortable to hold no matter how hot your drink is.

Poly-Coated Paper Cups

This paper cup is coated with a type of polymer to boost insulation and reduce leaks. The coating could come in single or double layers, offering different levels of rigidity according to your needs. The polymer coating helps keep the material from sweating and protects from condensation. When the material starts to sweat, the paper will start deteriorating. Poly-coated paper cups can be used to serve hot and cold drinks alike. Unlike wax-coated paper cups, poly-coated paper cups do not cause wax build up in cup dispensers. Poly-coated paper cups come in an array of colors and sizes. Some feature tightly rolled rims for leak-proof drinking.

Post-Consumer Paper Cups

Because paper cups are made from virgin paper, manufacturing these products require cutting down trees and sometimes, destroying forests.

As the name implies, post-consumer paper cups are made from post-consumer paper materials. The materials are recycled paper cups, which are made from virgin paper. Of all types of paper cups, post-consumer paper cups are the most eco-friendly. The material should be made from FDA approved fibers so they are safe to use. These cups can be used to serve hot and cold drinks alike.

Sustainable Paper Cups

These paper cups are made from renewable sources. They are 100% compostable and are either poly-coated or paper lined with sturdy PLA shells. Sustainable paper cups are also heat resistant and leak proof for worry-free drinking. Just like post-consumer paper cups, sustainable paper cups are very eco-friendly.

Wax-Coated Paper Cups

Wax-coated paper cups are similar to poly-coated paper cups. The cups are coated with wax to prevent leak, enhance rigidity, and boost insulation. They come in a variety of designs, colors, and sizes. Wax-coated paper cups feature tightly rolled rims for leak-proof drinking. But unlike most paper cups on this list, wax-coated paper cups are not ideal to use for hot drinks. The hot liquid will melt the wax, causing the material to deteriorate.

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