Using Ginseng to Slim Down

 Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Ginseng refers to a group of slow-growing perennial plant with fleshy roots. It belongs to the family Araliaceae and is cultivated for its medicinal properties. The only part of the plant that’s beneficial to the health is the fleshy root. The most popular types of ginseng are Asian and American ginseng. Both root products promote weight loss, but they work differently. American ginseng cools the body down and decreases stress level. On the other hand, Asian ginseng boosts stamina, energizes the body and keeps the brain alert.

Although ginseng comes in various types, Asian ginseng is believed to be the most potent. It offers several purported medicinal uses. In ancient Chinese medicine, ginseng is prized for its energizing and calming properties. In Western medicine, it’s used as a stimulant. But perhaps one of the most promising uses of ginseng is it promotes weight loss!

Ginseng for Weight Loss

So how does a strange root help you win the battle against the bulge? According to a Harvard Medicinal School research ginseng literally change how the body metabolizes carbohydrates. In addition, taking ginseng as a weight loss aid leads to loss of appetite and this boosts the root’s weight loss benefits.

In a separate research published in the Phytotherapy Research Journal, researchers found that ginseng contains ginsenoside Rg3, a compound that minimizes stored fat in the body. This compound works by inhibiting differentiation in the cells that store fat as energy.

Another research also found that obese lab mice lost weight after being fed with wild ginseng. Researchers note that the mice showed gradual weight loss and a significant decrease in blood glucose levels. This research was prompted by another study. The same research group said they’ve isolated the anti-obesity compounds in ginseng as saponins. Saponins help inhibit energy gain and normalize hypothalamic neuropeptides and serum biochemical associated with controlling of weight gain.

Ginseng is also a great treatment for diabetics and those with weight-related disorders. According to the University of Michigan Health System, ginseng helps decrease blood sugar level, prevents fatigue and regulates insulin in the body. However, researchers warned that Asian ginseng might boost blood sugar level. Before taking ginseng to manage diabetes, talk to your doctor first about the risks and benefits.

Taking Ginseng To Lose Weight

Ginseng comes in different forms. It’s sold in powdered forms, as teas as well as dried and fresh roots. Because there are so many ways to take ginseng to manage weight, it’s easy to incorporate it into your diet. For instance, you can take ginseng supplements during the day to energize the body and burn fat.

You can also take ginseng tea to keep the mind alert and detoxify the colon. Ginseng tea tends to have a bitter aftertaste. You can balance the bitterness by adding honey to taste. Try not to add table sugar or even brown sugar. These sweeteners are fattening.

You can use fresh and dried ginseng roots as ingredient in various dishes. If you want to energize the body for a busy day ahead, you can add ginseng powder to your favorite smoothies.

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