Versa Gripps Review: How to Build Back Muscles

 Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Developing your back muscles can be challenging especially if you don’t have the right equipment for it. Many people workout but mainly concentrating on their arms, legs or chest. Back muscles are often forgotten at times but did you know that developing your back muscles will give your body a more balanced look? Plus back muscles are sexy! So if you want a good way to shape the muscles on your back, you need help and what better way to do this workout but with the help of Versa Gripps.

Lifting weights is a great way to build and develop those back muscles. However as you train, your strength may sometimes fail especially when you are lifting heavy weights. If you are worried about the strength of your grip then you can always find ways to train and work on your back muscles. However if you are determined to do that then you need help to accomplish this. This is where Versa Gripps can help you.

What are Versa Gripps?

When you are lifting, it is important to set up a good strap to effectively lift weights. However, old school lifting straps can be time consuming and breaks down in the long run. Versa Gripps on the other hand is a good option to use as it is designed to be durable and flexible compared to your regular lifting straps. They also come in different designs, sizes and features which had proven effective to the user.

Benefits of Versa Gripps:

Versa Gripps comes with many benefits; one of them is that these are great for pushing and pulling exercises. This means when you are working on exercises that let you use deadlifts, barbells, dumbells, pull ups and the likes, this strap can help you get better grips. It also supports that wrists and at the same time provides cushion for pressing movements when you are doing shoulder presses or bench press. Versa Gripps can also decrease your fatigue but increases your strength. This means that it eliminates the grip fatigue while allowing you to lift and pull heavy weights as you try and build up those back muscles.

These grips are also designed to prevent you from injuries. Lifting improperly can cause injury to the nerves on your wrist. This may also lead to carpal tunnel which usually happens when you are using regular lifting straps. Versa Gripps on the other hand can prevent that as it is designed to wrap around your hands comfortably while allowing you to workout with ease.

Versa Gripps are also designed to attach both hands easily. They are strong and durable which allows you to hold correctly on weights and lifts. It is also hypoallergenic and is designed to be anti-bacterial and anti-microbial.


There are three types of Versa Gripps that you can choose from. One is the Versa Gripps Classic; this design has a 1 ½ wide wrist strap which is made from textured gripping material. It’s usually used by rock climbing and mountain climbing enthusiasts but can also be used in the gym. It has great grip strength that allows you to focus on building more of your back muscles and develop strength.

The other type is the Versa Gripps Pro which is the top range product. This is used by those who are lifting and pulling weights on a regular basis. It features a 1 ½ wide wrist strap which is a “no-slip” design with hypoallergenic materials. Compared to the classic Versa Gripps, this strap is longer than and is recommended for serious weight lifters as well as body builders.

The last type of Versa Gripps is the Versa Gripps Fit. This is designed to be hypoallergenic with no slip materials but unlike the Pro, this strap is designed for people with smaller writs and hands. It is also comfortable to use so and an excellent choice for women.

So now that you know what Versa Gripps are go ahead and pick one for yourself. You will find that lifting and developing those back muscles is as easy as pie once you put them on!

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