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Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

There are so many ways to remove unwanted hair, but waxing remains the most popular choice. Whether you do it at home or have it done by a professional, waxing is well-worth the pain: smooth and hair-free in an hour or less! No nicks or razor burns. And it’s not as expensive as laser treatments! If you are thinking about having yourself waxed but is unsure what factors to consider before committing, consider these tips:

Never Wax After Sunbathing or Going to a Tanning Salon

Do not wax when after tanning. Doing so will result in damaged skin. You see, tanning irritates the upper layer of the skin called the epidermis. Putting hot wax on an already-inflamed skin is a bad idea. This could lead to scarring, visible bruises, etc. We recommend giving your skin enough time to heal from tanning before booking a schedule for waxing.

Consider the Hair Length

Before waxing, check the hair length. The hairs have to be 1.4 inch in length. That’s around two to three weeks’ worth of growing out leg hair after shaving. If the leg hair is not within the ideal length, you might not get the results you want.

Do Not Wax Near or During Your Period

Several days before and during menstruation, women’s skin become even more sensitive than usual. Waxing will feel like torture a couple of days, during and after your period. Of course, you can go ahead with your schedule and get waxed but it’ll be more painful than usual. To avoid this, take a painkiller 30 minutes before waxing.


The area that needs waxing has to be clean as a slate to achieve the best results. So buff away the dead skin cells using a grainy body scrub. Get a bath lily and scrub the bikini area too! Use warm water to rinse it all off. It’s important to exfoliate the day before your appointment. Finally, make sure the area is super clean before showing up at your local salon.

Wait it Out

Once you’re done waxing, don’t change to your bikini and go straight to the beach. You have to wait at least several hours to a day to swim. Waxing damages the surface of the skin ever so slightly. The hair follicles are open and bacteria could penetrate the skin easily. This could lead to skin infections and other diseases. So don’t hop into a hot tub, a sauna or go swimming right after waxing, wait it out.

Avoid Acidic Foods

Something that most waxing salons won’t tell you, avoid caffeinated or alcoholic drinks before waxing. When the acid level of the body is high, the body is more sensitive to pain. Instead, drink more water to hydrate the skin. Also, we recommend taking Tums or any antacid 20 minutes before waxing.

Ask a Pro Before Doing At-Home Waxing

You do not want to damage the skin with at-home waxing treatments. At-home waxing is easy and cheap. But accidents do happen. Before performing at-home waxing, call your local beauty salon for professional advice. Don’t be shy about asking either! Most waxing experts are more than happy to explain how at-home waxing kits work.

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