Weight Loss Tips to Lose that Belly Before Christmas

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

For most people, December feels like a huge party comprised of seemingly endless stream of dinner parties with friends, family, and colleagues. And there’s nothing wrong about that! Unfortunately, all the merrymaking could cause significant weight gain before the actual Christmas starts. So how do you lose weight before December comes rolling in and still have an amazing time? Consider these simple tips:

Pace Yourself

The holiday season provides plenty of opportunities to eat and enjoy good food, good company and a cocktail or two. But try to not to lose track of the amount of food you eat. You don’t have to count calories to monitor your food intake, you just have to pace yourself.

Start by eating slowly. Enjoy your food, taste all the flavors and give yourself enough time to finish a single plate. Don’t inhale two plates of food, consume a single plate of food in 20 minutes or more. This will give the brain enough time to signal satiety.

Hydration is Key

You’d be surprised to know that most people mistake thirst for hunger pangs. Before grabbing a bite to eat if you feel hungry, drink plain water first. Hydration is a critical part of weight loss. It boosts the metabolic rate and fills up the stomach nicely. Water reduces hunger pangs while also flushing the system clean!

Reduced Caffeine Intake

Can’t make it through your day without guzzling an energy drink or a piping cuppa joe? This habit is causing you to gain more weight! According to a University of Pennsylvania study, individuals who drink more caffeinated drinks feel intense, more frequent cravings and hunger pangs than those who stuck to plain water. Studies show that high caffeine intake is also triggering the body to store more fat! Our advice is to cut back on caffeine and start looking for non-caffeinated alternatives such as sparkling water and herbal tea. Better yet, stick to plain water!

Fill up on Fiber!

One of the best ways to reduce the risk of overeating and curb craving is to load up on high fiber foods. Fiber is an indigestible carbohydrate found in fresh fruits, vegetables, and unprocessed grains. This compound keeps you feeling fuller for longer. Fiber also acts like a sponge that expands in the stomach. Because the body cannot digest fiber well, it will sit in your stomach for longer, boosting satiety. Fiber also regulates blood sugar level while boosting your weight loss potential.

To introduce more fiber to your diet, replace white rice, white pasta or white bread with brown rice, whole-wheat pasta, and wholemeal bread, respectively. You can also boost your fiber intake by eating fresh fruits and veggies!

Choose Low-Sugar Foods

Some foods, even certain fruits, and veggies, contain high level of sugar that turns into stored fat when eaten. To keep your physique slim all Christmas long, choose foods that have low glycemic index or GI. Low GI foods will not cause a spike in your blood sugar level. It won’t cause blood sugar level to dip, which leads to intense cravings. When you have better control over your appetite, you are less likely to eat more than you should.

Never Skip Breakfast

Skipping breakfast will leave you so hungry that you’d be polishing off more food from your plate during lunch than normal. A healthy breakfast energizes the body. It boosts the metabolic rate and provides all the nutrition you need to keep up with your hectic day! Studies show that those who skip breakfast tend to consume 300 more calories than breakfast eaters.

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