Weird Weight Loss Tricks That Works

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Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

If facing the weighing scale has become an excruciating ordeal, chances are, you are struggling with weight gain. Don’t worry, that’s perfectly normal, at some point or another, we all came across the same problem. Just like showing up to work every morning and paying taxes, weight gain (especially once the holidays roll in) is inevitable. There’s just no way to get around it.

That’s not to say we all just have to succumb to our inner desires to nosh on soft baked cookies and ice cream all day while watching FRIENDS reruns, no. It just means you need to work on two things before thinking about shedding the pounds: start with the right mindset and then fix your diet already!

If say, you finally decided to shed the pounds without enrolling to the gym, you’re in luck. We’ve got awesome weight loss tricks to help you trim your waistline effortlessly. They might sound weird but trust us, these tips work like a charm!

Drinking Warm Water

We all know how important water is, especially for those who are perennially on a diet. But chances are, you were drinking cold water. Cold water is great for quenching thirst but it does nothing to help you shed the pounds. Try drinking warm water instead. Warm water helps make you feel faster so you don’t overeat. Also, warm water helps aid in digestion after eating tons of greasy food.

Stepping Off Of The Couch

If you spend the rest of the week couch-locked, watching TV and covered in Doritos dust, you need to look for other ways to kill time. Watching TV all day or night doesn’t really burn a lot of calories. Coupled by a sedentary lifestyle and mindless munching on the couch, you’re not only contributing to your weight gain, sitting too long could also result in various health problems. We suggest going for a short walk a couple of times each day to stay fit.

Snacking in Tighter Clothing

After a tiring day at work, nothing feels as good as changing to your jammies and making a beeline to the fridge the minute you step into the house. But did you know that snacking in your pajamas can speed up weight gain? It’s true.

According to several studies, people tend to eat more and snack continuously if they wear loose or elastic clothing. And admit it, it feels better if we nosh on something while wearing the rattiest, most comfy clothes we have in our wardrobe. But to stop yourself from eating more than you should, try changing to tighter clothing like yoga pants, tank tops or leggings after work so you don’t overeat!

Choosing Spicy Foods

Studies show that consuming spicy goods, particularly cayenne pepper or turmeric, could potentially speed up the metabolism. Consuming spicy foods also means taking in less calories. Spices such as hot peppers are also known to shrink fat cells! So don’t be stingy on the turmeric the next time you prep your meal, it could help shrink your waistline too!

Drink 2 Glasses of Wine

And we’ve saved the best for last! Research shows that women who drink one or two glasses of wine each day puts on less weight as opposed to women who don’t drink wine at all. So bust out the red wine at dinnertime and feel your waist getting slimmer!

Of course, always exercise caution when drinking wine because if you drink more than you should, you are bound to take in more calories too!

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