What are the Beauty Benefits of Organic Anti-Aging Face Cream?

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

Did you know that most anti-aging face creams available in your local beauty counter are laden with toxic chemicals? The skin absorbs these chemicals, leading to organ and tissue damage. Dozens of studies link beauty products to cancer, liver disease, and other chronic diseases.

The good news is, you can achieve beautiful, youthful looking skin without the harsh chemicals. Going organic is one of the best ways to achieve healthy skin. Anti-aging organic face creams will definitely take your beauty routine to a different level. In today’s post, we are listing down reasons why you should consider replacing your chemical-laden creams with organic anti-aging face products:

No Preservatives

Keeping the skin healthy does not have to mean applying products made with a cocktail of preservatives! Preservatives are used to lengthen shelf life and improve the texture of the product. Unfortunately, these synthetic preservatives are linked to cancer, skin problems, and allergic reaction.

Organic face creams are made with ingredients that nourish the skin without preservatives. Sure, an organic face cream has shorter shelf life compared to other face creams but it is safer and milder on the skin. And that’s what counts the most!

No Side Effects

Organic anti-aging face creams are made from 100% natural, pure ingredients that do not cause irritation. The ingredients are mild, recognizable, and proven safe. Unlike regular face creams, organic face creams will not cause breakouts, allergic reactions or inflammation. The product is free from harsh chemicals and harmful toxins that can be absorbed by the skin.

Most skin care products contain parabens. Parabens are preservatives that lengthen the shelf life of the product. This chemical is linked to endocrine problems. Parabens mimic the body’s natural hormones, causing hormonal issues and other serious health problems. The effects of parabens are severe in women. Parabens are linked to early development in girls, reproductive disorders, glandular problems, premature aging, and breast cancer.


The beauty industry is notorious for causing water, air, and soil pollution. The plastic packaging alone ends up in landfills, contributing to worsening trash problem. The chemicals in beauty products make their way into rivers and lakes, causing marine and agricultural problems.

From ingredients to packaging, organic anti-aging creams are designed to be 100% eco-friendly. The product contains no harsh chemicals that could leak to water sources or cause agricultural problems. Usually, the packaging is made from recycled materials too!

Non-Irritating Ingredients

Anti-aging organic face creams contain zero chemicals, artificial colorants, synthetic fragrance, fillers, and other chemicals that could cause skin irritation. These products are designed to keep the skin healthy without causing a skin reaction. The ingredients are chosen to work with the skin instead of against it.

Works Better Overtime

Organic anti-aging face creams are gentler on the skin. These products work better over time because they contain zero fillers and irritants. Generic skin care product seems to work better at first try but the effects wane over time. Why? The host of harmful chemicals in these products do more harm than good. The fillers make the skin feel smooth or look clear but ultimately, the effects are temporary! If you want to achieve better skin, go for products that offer lasting results.

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