What are the Benefits of Keratin Hair Treatment?

 Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Keratin treatment is a hair straightening process that transforms frizzy, hard-to-manage hair into straight, lustrous and pin straight. The process utilizes keratin, which is a type of protein found in nature. This protein makes up the outer layer of the hair. When applied, the keratin treatment smooths out the hair, eliminating frizz and tangles. Keratin also restores the hair’s natural shine, making each strand stronger, healthier.

Keratin treatment is best for those with treated or damaged hair. It is not ideal for those with fine or straight hair. If you are wondering what benefits you can expect from a keratin treatment, read below:

Eliminate Frizz

One of the best reasons why you should get a keratin treatment is that you never have to deal with frizz. The treatment locks into the hair, making every hair strand glossy, healthy, and pin-straight. After treatment, you are left with beautifully lustrous locks that do not tangle nor dry out! Even when your hair is exposed to humidity, it will remain straight and not frizzy. The same thing goes for those with severely damaged hair or those with color-treated tresses. Once the formula is set, the effects will not wear off after washing your hair.

However, do note that the effects of the keratin treatment are not permanent. The effects could last up to six months. Once the roots are starting to show, you will need another round of treatment to bring the hair back to its former glory.

Say Goodbye to Blow Drying

Do you spend most of your mornings styling your hair? Does your hair require heating tools to keep it manageable? With keratin treatment, you will no longer deal with problematic hair. That means you can finally say goodbye to unruly, unmanageable hair!

When the hair is at its best, you have more time to do other things besides primping every morning! Blow-drying also damages the hair strands. The heat dries out the hair, making it brittle, dry, and prone to damage. Turning to keratin treatment helps reduce the abuse that your hair goes through every day. You also save a lot of time daily because you no longer have to style your hair.

Keeps Hair Color Vivid

Did you know that keratin treatment could be used on natural or chemically treated hair? And that the treatment helps keep your hair color vivid too? That’s right, apart from keeping the hair smooth and manageable, the treatment also maintains and even prolong your hair color. The keratin proteins are sealed into the hair strands using a hot iron. When this happens, the color is also sealed in. Once treated, the hair is able to withstand daily abuse, retaining the color.


Here’s a surprise, you can also customize your treatment according to your hair’s needs. Contrary to popular belief, not all keratin treatments are the same. Some types of keratin formula can eliminate up to 70% of curl. Other formulas are designed simply to remove frizz or restore shine. Depending on your hair’s needs, the treatment will be customized to achieve the best results. That’s why it is important to talk to your hair stylist first to determine the right treatment for you.

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