What are the Benefits of Oyster Extract in Men?

 Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Oyster extract is a type of health supplement derived from the essences of oysters, a shellfish. The extract is meant to amplify the nutritional and health benefits of oysters. More so among men who are suffering from reproductive health issues. Some studies found that oyster extract could improve prostate wellness, sperm quality, and promote better testicular health. Curious over oyster extract’s health benefits in men? Below are ways that oyster extract can improve men’s reproductive health:

Boosts Testosterone Level

Testosterone is a steroid hormone associated with sexual development in men. Although this hormone is primarily secreted by the testicles of males, women can also produce testosterone albeit in smaller quantities.

Men need ample level of testosterone to boost muscle growth, increase libido and improve bone density. It can also stimulate linear growth, bone maturation, and the maturation of the sexual organs. The lack of testosterone can cause low sperm quality and lack of sex drive.

Oyster extract is a rich source of zinc and vitamin D that stimulate the development and secretion of testosterone in the body.  Regular supply of zinc and vitamin D in men can lead to improved muscle growth and increased libido.

Improves Sexual Performance

Oysters are traditionally taken as an aphrodisiac. They help improve libido, arousal and sexual performance specifically among men. The zinc and vitamin D in oyster extract help stimulate the sex drive thus, improving sexual desire in men. Zinc, in particular, can treat a wide range of sexual problems in men. Studies show that most men who suffer from erectile dysfunction are deficient in zinc. As such, boosting your consumption of zinc by taking oyster extract helps improve your sexual drive.

Improves Immunity

Zinc does more than improve sexual health in men. It can boost muscle repair and accelerate recovery. It can also strengthen the immune system. To stay healthy, the immune system must be able to safeguard the body from various diseases and infections. Zinc found in oyster extract promotes proper growth and development, especially in young adults. Because it promotes immunity, zinc gives the body a fighting chance against common viruses and bacteria!

Offer Greater Zinc Bioavailability

Apart from zinc, oyster extract contains various nutrients that help improve zinc absorption. Health experts found a link between proper sexual functioning and key proteins like taurine. Taking oyster extract improves the absorption of zinc especially in average sized males thus, improving sexual health.

Protects from Free-Radical Damage

Here’s a surprise, oyster extract is teeming with antioxidants. These chemicals protect the cells and tissues from oxidative stress. Studies show that oxidative stress accelerates aging and this can cause sexual issues in both men and women. Taking oyster extract regularly protects the tissues on a cellular level!

Oyster extract is a rich source of antioxidant glutathione. This nutrient protects the cells from oxidative stress and improves the efficiency of the organs. The glutathione in oyster extract helps delay aging, strengthen the immune system and improve sexual health.

Oyster extract’s ability to improve sexual health is not limited to men. Even women suffering from sexual issues such as low libido or lack of sexual desire can benefit from taking oyster extract.

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