What Holds You Back From Getting The Body You Want And How To Overcome It

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

Here’s the situation: You’ve been counting calories since the early 90s and your pantry is chockfull of health supplements. You go to the gym regularly and attend different fitness class every week. You’ve done all the tricks in the book and yet, your body stubbornly holds on to your love handles and beer belly. What gives? How come you’re still not getting the body you want?

Chances are, it’s not you but the things going on around you that’s been keeping you from getting the body you always wanted. Below are the lists of likely culprit that’s putting you on a weight loss rut:

You’re Surrounded by Toxic People

… and this isn’t strictly about having a bad romantic relationship. A crappy relationship with loved ones, an abusive boss or even bad vibes from friends can actually cause the body to hold on to fat, particularly around the abdominal region!

In short, surrounding yourself with negative people will result in a beer belly that doesn’t go away. So cut ties with people that’s giving you stress. Unfortunately, you’re pretty much stuck with your overbearing parents/in-laws so just try to minimize contact from people who suck your energy dry.

Your Body Isn’t Running Correctly

If you’re eating food you’re supposed to, getting on activities meant to bust the fat and you’re still having a hard time shedding the last five pounds, you’ve hit the dreaded plateau. This can be caused by a lot of things but often, this is a result of food intolerance. The body reacts to certain foods, causing low level inflammation that keeps the system from running smoothly.

Eggs, soy, wheat, dairy and nuts are common foods that cause food intolerance. Here’s the kicker, if you tend to eat the same food because you’re on a weight loss program, chances are, your body will develop intolerance to it. How to avoid body intolerance? Identify which food items are causing your body to react and avoid eating it again.

Environmental Toxins

From the beauty products you put on your face to prescription drugs you take or pollutants you get from the air you breathe and the food you eat, all these has a hand on why you are having a hard time losing weight and achieving the body you want.

Here’s the deal, the body puts the priority on survival, not washboard abs so it will hold on to all the fat cells for fuel so all the toxins you get from the environment won’t make you sick.

So how do you prevent the body from going full-on survival mode? Take infrared saunas, or consider taking detoxifying foot baths and eat detoxifying diets to flush out all the metals and toxins from the body. You can also take chelation therapy to protect the body from the damaging effects of environmental pollutants.

These steps may help rev start your training program and help maintain a cleaner, healthier body. However, it’s important to see a specialist first before taking any types of toxins-busting health programs.

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