What Makes Kale So Healthy?

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

If you think kale is just another trendy veggie, think again! Kale is a type of dark green leafy vegetable. This superfood is loaded with essential nutrients that promote a healthy body. A diet rich in green leafy vegetables like kale strengthens the bones, promotes better eyesight, and protects from various types of cancers. In today’s post, we are listing down all the amazing nutrients that make kale so good for the health:

High in Fiber

Kale is a great source of fiber, which makes it an excellent diet food. A cup serving of kale contains about 5 grams of fiber. Fiber is a nutrient that binds with fat, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, and promoting satiety. This nutrient normalizes the blood sugar level, taming intense cravings and reducing overeating significantly.

Apart from fiber, kale is low in calories and contains zero fat. A cup serving of kale yields a measly 36 calories. You can eat as much kale as you like and you won’t gain weight! Best of all, kale lowers the risk of cholesterol, which surges when a person is overweight. High levels of bad cholesterol in the blood lead to a variety of health problems, including heart disease.

Promotes Immunity

Surprisingly, kale is one of the best sources of vitamin C. Vitamin C helps neutralize free radical damage that weakens the immune system. When the body’s immune system is strong, it is more resistant to common infections such as colds, cough, and flu. Ascorbic acid also boosts the body’s metabolic rate while normalizing blood sugar level. This nutrient also acts as an antioxidant, protecting the skin from the ravages of UV rays.

Rich in Healthy Oils

Here’s another surprise: kale is a great source of healthy fats. This cruciferous vegetable is packed with plant-based omega 3 fatty acid and omega 6 fatty acid. These healthy fats strengthen the bones, promote better skin, and protect from internal inflammation. Studies show that internal inflammation is one of the leading causes of a weakened immune system. Omega 3 fatty acid reduces inflammation that causes damage to the soft tissues and organs. A diet rich in plant-based omega 3 fatty acid reduces the risk of cancer and heart disease.

Essential Nutrients

Kale isn’t called a superfood for nothing! This dark, green leafy veggie contains a host of vitamins including vitamin A, C, and K. Vitamin A reduces the risk of optical disorders, particularly those that develop from aging. This vitamin keeps the retina healthy, promoting better vision. Just a cup serving of kale satisfies 659% of your RDA of vitamin A.

Apart from vitamin A, kale is also loaded with vitamin K. Vitamin K keeps the bone strong and the nerves healthy. Consuming foods high in vitamin K protects the body from bone disease. A cup serving of kale satisfies your RDA of vitamin K by a whopping 900%! Kale is also loaded with B vitamins that promote healthy cardiovascular system. The vitamin C in kale reduces the risk of arthritis, autoimmune disorders, and asthma.

Finally, kale is also packed with carotenoids and flavonoids. These antioxidants protect the cells from mutation caused by free radical stress. A diet high in carotenoids and flavonoids reduce the risk of colon, prostate, and ovarian cancers.

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