What to Look For in a Gym Bag

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Your gym bag is an extension of your wardrobe. A gym bag is a must especially if you go to the gym regularly! It has to be big enough to carry all your essentials but also stylish enough that it complements your unique personality and sense of style! If you are shopping for a gym bag and you are wondering what factors to keep in mind, consider these tips:

The Size

The size of the gym bag is important. The perfect gym bag should be big enough to carry your sweaty clothing, a pair of sneakers, a change of clothing, and a dopp kit. The bag should fit an average gym locker so you can store your things easily. If it is too small, you do not have enough room to carry all your essentials. If it is too large, it might not fit into your gym locker and your things will keep moving around, leaving the insides in disarray.


Functionality is everything! The perfect gym bag should be versatile and sturdy. Instead of going for a too large gym back that turns into a shapeless sack, opt for a bag that allows you to keep your toiletries and a clean change of clothes away from your sweaty clothing and dirty sneakers. The perfect gym bag should provide plenty of room for your essentials while allowing you to find your things easily so there is less time spent rummaging through your things. If you sweat heavily, we recommend a gym bag that features a special section for wet clothes.


The perfect gym bag should be durable too! High-end gym bags are not cheap so if you are getting one, always check the quality and material used to make the bag. Some gym bags are made from leather, others are made from nylon or cotton.

Nylon and cotton are two of the most common gym bag materials. They are cheap and durable. These materials are also breathable, allowing for efficient air circulation without weakening the material.  Some types of high-end gym bags feature leather trims or patches. Although leather is a premium material, it can easily absorb unwanted odors and flake over time.

Depending on how often you go to the gym, you have to wash your bags once a month. After working out, do not leave your wet clothing inside the bag for too long. Remove dirty clothes as soon as you go home so the moisture will not weaken the material!


Most gym bags are made to last. But poorly made gym bags could sustain damages once you wash it because of the weak quality stitches! The perfect gym bag should feature even and strong stitches so it does not sustain any damage when you throw it in the wash. The materials should be durable so they do not weaken from moisture stemming from sweaty clothing. Cleaning the gym bag should be a painless affair.

Because gym bags are made to carry wet clothing, they are prone to unwanted odors too. That’s why we recommend those made from nylon and cotton. Nylon and cotton fibers promote proper ventilation so bad odors dissipate into the air.

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