When’s the Best Day to Start Your Diet?

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Let’s face it: one of the hardest things about dieting is not limiting the amount of food you eat each day but the idea of summoning up the courage to start the diet itself. It’s not easy to give up your favorite foods or snacks. But once you get started with your diet, you slowly train your body to make healthier food choices!

Of course, choosing the definite date to commit yourself to changing your eating habits is challenging. You can always consult your doctor before trying out any new diet.

When’s the Right Time to Start Dieting?

Did you know setting specific time and date could instantly give you the edge you need when you’re dieting? Choosing a definite date helps define and set goals. However, the goals have to be realistic in order to achieve success. You cannot expect to lose 20 pounds in just one week unless you do it the unhealthy way. It’s important to keep your goals realistic in order to push yourself to go through your diet to the very end.

When you choose a specific date to begin your diet, you are mentally preparing yourself to changing your bad eating habits. You will have enough time to purge your fridge of unhealthy foods that may otherwise keep you from sticking to your diet and buy wholesome, low-calorie foods and beverages.

The right time to start dieting is any time you feel like it. However, some health experts believe that the weekend is the best time to start dieting. Why? Choosing a Saturday or a Sunday gives you time to plan ahead. Apart from purging the fridge, you will have plenty of time to replace your unhealthy foods with sensible ones and plan your meals.

Dieting and Exercise

Although dieting can help you lose weight, it won’t be as effective if you don’t exercise at all. You can also pick a weekend to plan the kinds of light exercise you can do to complement your diet! You don’t even need to get an expensive gym membership to stay fit.

You can do 30-minute walks, yoga, or dumbbell exercises to achieve a trimmer body. When you feel like you’re ready for more intensive workout, then you can do running, jogging, or biking;you could also invest in a treadmill to kick your workout up a notch.

Falling Off the Wagon

Eating healthy foods and restricting the amount of junk food you eat is hard especially if you’re accustomed to a specific lifestyle. It’s normal to fall off the wagon but don’t let that discourage you from always trying your best.

To prevent yourself from being lured back to your old ways, you can tell a friend about your plans or use any important event—such as a wedding or beach season—to stay committed to your diet.

By telling someone about your plansabout your health, you have another person who will support you and make you accountable to your mistakes should you lose track of your goal. Of course, make sure this friend of yours is genuinely concerned about your health and well-being, one that won’t allow you to give up!

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