Will You Get Better Results if You Workout in the Morning?

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Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

For many people trying to get into shape, time is an important element. With so many work and family related obligations, it can be difficult to find time to schedule a regular workout .If your schedule does permit you the flexibility of choosing when you exercise, a morning workout routine may be the best for you both physiologically and psychologically. Here’s why:

Morning exercise can increase your metabolism for the entire day.

By performing a fast paced morning workout, your metabolism gets the boost it needs to run at full capacity for the remainder of the day. You may end up burning more calories for the day if you do an early morning workout.

An early morning workout will help to relieve stress throughout the day.

When you do a fast paced early morning workout, you get release of endorphins which act as stress relieving chemicals. The release of endorphins is what gives the classic “runner’s high” you hear so much about. These stress relieving endorphins can make you better prepared to handle the pressures of the upcoming day.

If you do it when you wake up, you’re less likely to skip your exercise routine.

An early morning workout done immediately after your wake up gets it out of the way so you don’t have to worry about it for the rest of the day. If you lead a busy, hectic life so many things can happen that will interfere with your workout. This won’t be an issue if you get your morning workout done as soon as you wake up.

It may improve your mental clarity and your energy level.

If you tend to be sluggish for hours after your awaken and feel worthless before you have your first cup of coffee, morning exercise may help. Exercise gets your heart pumping which increases blood flow to the brain, making your more alert. People who do morning exercise also report having a higher energy level throughout the day.

You’ll have a sense of accomplishment.

When you complete your morning workout, you’ll have an incredible sense of accomplishment and will feel more competent and capable of tackling the upcoming day. There’s something very satisfying at having completed an important task before you even get to work.

An early morning workout may suppress your appetite.

Many people who do early morning workouts, report feeling less hungry throughout the day. Intense exercise can have an appetite suppressing effect which works in your favor if you do your workout in the morning.

As a bonus a brisk workout in the morning will help you get out of bed instead of resetting your alarm and falling back to sleep. Who knows? You may actually become a morning person.


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