Your Guide to Boxing: Basics, Benefits and Heavy Bag Training

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Boxing isn’t all about brawling or knocking someone over ringside. The enormous efforts put in perfecting the footwork and punch combinations make boxing a physically and mentally challenging sport. And it’s no secret that boxing burns a lot of calories. It also keeps the body toned and powerful. New to boxing? In today’s post, we are giving you tips and tricks to master the sport as well as the fitness benefits of boxing:

Types of Punches

Jab: This is a quick punch delivered from the guard position. It’s meant to keep your opponent on his toes. Jabbing is the first in a series of punches that could penetrate a defensive stance. If you’re right handed, you are more likely to execute a jab with your left hand and vice versa.

Cross: Also known as the power punch, the cross punch is delivered behind the guard position. The power of the cross punch is from the rotation of the torso as the punch is delivered. The cross punch is usually followed by the jab in a one-two combination.

Hook: This punch is thrown at a 90-degree angle to the side of the opponent’s body or head.

Uppercut: This punch targets the chin or jaw. It’s thrown from below and is meant to knock the opponent out.

Benefits of Boxing

A Total Body Workout

Boxing might look repetitive from afar, but the sport is all about seamlessly merging footwork and flurries of punches into one synchronized motion. As such, this workout tones, trains and strengthens the upper and lower body. Boxing is also the perfect combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Give boxing a try if you looking for a challenge or want to achieve a powerful physique.

It’s Challenging

If you’re the kind who gets bored easily with certain exercises, give boxing a try. Since it’s interactive, you are always on your toes. The social aspect of boxing makes it a great workout for those who doesn’t want to work out alone.

Boosts Endurance and Stamina

In order to master the basic of boxing, you have to survive at least three sets of 3-minute rounds of sparring. Sparring is actual fighting conducted in a gym setting. The physicality of boxing trains the body to push harder. You have to develop powerful punches and perfect footwork to survive every round. All these lead to better coordination, endurance, and more power.

Builds Confidence

When you’re confident about your boxing skills, you are more adept to completing tasks cleanly and quickly. That’s because boxing improves coordination and fighting skills. And if you can confidently defend yourself in a fight then you feel better about yourself in general.

Factors to Consider

It pays to have the right gears before boxing. You don’t want to injure your wrists! Start by wrapping your hands in cotton hand wraps. Hand wraps will protect the fragile bones from trauma. Then, wear your boxing gloves. Make sure the hand wraps and boxing gloves are secure to prevent injury. Wearing the right shoes is just as important. Because boxing calls for constant movement, get boxing shoes that offer ample support, a pair that fits you perfectly.

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