Zytiga and Yunzi Mushroom: Facts About New Prostate Cancer Treatments

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

It’s certainly an exciting time in the scientific community as two new developments on prostate cancer treatments were unveiled to the public. These developments are giving hope to thousands of men who suffer from this deadly disease.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, prostate cancer is the second most common forms of cancer in men. More than 220,000 men develop prostate cancer each year.

Zytiga: Prolongs Prostate Cancer Survival

Zytiga is a newly minted, FDA-approved drug that treats prostate cancer. The drug’s active ingredient is abiraterone acetate, a type of anti-androgen that stops tumors from growing. The drug works by binding to a specific enzyme in cancer cells, blocking the formation of testosterone.

What the Experts Say About Zytiga

Multiple clinical trials show that the drug has the potential to extend prostate cancer survival by up to 4 months in men who are already treated with chemotherapy. According to researchers, the way to drug works could potentially revolutionize how to treat prostate cancer.

The drug may also extend the life of patients who are receiving steroid therapy. In a study, men who took the pill in conjunction with steroid therapy survived the disease for 14.8 months compared to men who took a placebo instead. This means Zytiga can reduce the risk of dying from prostate cancer by 48%.

In addition, men who received Zytiga lived a median of 25.8 months compared with 21.7 months among those given a placebo. Researchers say that at three years, 37.8% of men who are treated with Zytiga were alive compared to men who received standard cancer treatments.

Yunzi: Potential Cancer Benefits

Yunzi mushroom is a species of polypore fungi with a shape that resembles that of a wild turkey tail. That’s why yunzi mushroom is also commonly known as “turkey tail.” In folk medicine, yunzi mushroom is used to treat a wide range of ailments, especially in Asian cultures. Modern medicine is now looking deeper into the fungi as a possible remedy for prostate cancer.

What the Experts Say About Yunzi Mushroom

According to the American Cancer Society, the raw mushroom is teeming with anti-cancer agents. The compounds derived from parts of the mushroom may be “useful against cancer,” specifically prostate cancer.

The mushroom is naturally rich in Polysaccharide-K or PSK. This is a type of anti-cancer compound with promising results in preliminary laboratory assessments in vitro and in vivo. Researchers also used PSK from yunzi mushroom among cancer-stricken men.

Studies show that PSK may reduce mutagen-induced and radiation-induced cancer cells. This compound has the ability to “spontaneously induced development of experimental cancer cell preparations.” Researchers conclude that PSK is an effective adjuvant in the treatment of gastric, esophageal, colorectal, breast and lung cancers. There is also scientific evidence that PSK can reduce the risk of cancer recurrence.

In a separate study, Lead researcher Patrick Ling found that turkey tail mushroom is “100% effective in terms of protecting from prostate tumor growth in laboratory rodents.” In other studies, researchers said that the mushroom is effective in preventing prostate cancer alone or in combination with other plant-based anti-cancer remedies.

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